We received the weather update from Bob the weather router from New Zealand. There is a big storm passing through just south of us and by Thursday and Friday we are getting the result of it, giant swells. Bob advised us to change the waypoints and our routes to ride on the swells. Sound like a good idea, so we can miss the roller coaster ride in Disneyland this year.
Finally, it is done! We were working on the water pump all day long down below in the hot and humidity, fortunately the sea was cooperating and we adopted the motion of the boat with couple bumps and bruises. I don’t know what felt better, having the job done, so finally we all can take a shower or an ice cold Panama Lager.
By late afternoon we reached the half way point between San Cristobal Galápagos Islands and Fatu Hiva Marquesas Island 1510 nautical miles.


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