May 18, 2015.         UA POU ISLAND
We left Hanaiapa bay, Hiva Oa at 0330. We supposed to have 12/17kn NE wind but we got light wind instead, it was not even enough to hoist the main to balance the boat. The batteries needed to be charged up to 100% in order to be synchronized so motoring was the perfect option.
Right after the sunrise we noticed that we were escorted by a pot of happy Dolphins, they always put smile on our face. As on every passage the fishing lines were out hoping to catch our dinner, needless to say, not even a bite. Start wondering, if there any fish in this water. Apparently there is because when we arrived to Hakahau bay we noticed a fisherman returned with a big cooler full of tuna on his small boat. We picked three big tuna from his cooler. It could not be more fresh than that. He charged only $20.00 for all of them. Sushi dinner was on menu that night.
Ua Pou is a diamond shaped island. It’s highest peak reaching 4,040 feet often covers by cloud. Spectacularly serrated skyline with countless soaring mountain towers and spires. Well build hiking trail leads to the spires.
Hakahau bay is the third most populated village in the Marquesas with about 2000 residents.
In the morning we visited the local bakery for fresh croasson  and baguettes. The baguettes are subsidized in French Polynesia it cost about .60 cent each, but anything else have a heavier price tag on those islands. After breakfast we decided to save the hiking to Nuku Hiva.


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