Tahuata island is about 20nm south of Hiva Oa. Easy sailing across the 2.5nm width of Canal du Bordelais the wind and sea usually more intense between the high islands but we had a comfortable sailing all the way to the Hanmoenoa bay. Not to many white sandy bay with turquoise water can be found in the Marquesas Islands. The series of three small sandy bay with palm trees behind are very special. We had a beach day, chat with some local boys, tasted the sweet giant pomplem… some of them were bigger that a melon. The locals invited us for spear fishing for the next day.
The following morning I took a long kayak tour to see all of the small bays around. It was a peaceful paddling, specially when I was followed by some curious fish.

Day 3

The island has about 600 inhabitants, with the principal villages of Vaitahu and Hapatoni on the west coast. The centre of the island has a 1500 foot mountain chain
From our sandy bay, Hapatoni was about 30 minutes sailing, not even enough to catch a fish.
It is an impressive bay with its shooting up ridges and coconut palm trees.

Close to the shore, the big under water boulders with some coral formation and the colourful tropical fishes made my snorchaling longer than usual.
However, the highlight of the day was when Tony noticed a pod of spinning Dolphins nearby.
Immediately We jumped into the dingy and head out to get closer to them and their show begun. What a show off! We were in the middle of two dozens of dolphins jumping up and air spinning, swimming beside and under of us. One almost missed her jump and ended up in our dingy. The fun lasted about 30 minutes, we were traveling with them all the way out of the bay.


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