Stormy Morning and A Shark

My last watch was over at 0300 and I had a hard time to fall asleep after, because of the choppy conditions. I woke up for a stormy morning, Tony and Margaret were fighting with the unexpected squall, all the sails were quickly reefed and at that point the South Pacific had started showing her real teeth, the seen turned black & white reminded me of an the old pirate move.
Strange line of white caps were forming in a distance, we were wondering what could create such unusual line. As we sailed through on it, we felt the strong current were running bellow us against the waves and created this “washing machine affect”.
Later on the current was running its full speed of 3.5kns and sea had started to build up. It lasted for all day and the following night. Needless to say it took a toll on us, it felt like riding on bull in the rodeo show for 24 hrs. without being thrown off.
It did not hold us back to start our light lunch prosciutto with a well matured Brie cheese, home made fugue jam from Margaret’s Dad and crispy Portuguese bread what we made before we left the Gal├ípagos Islands. It is against my religion having a beer instead of a nice glass of red wine with that kind of lunch, but considering the rough conditions the Panama Lager tasted just as good as a nice Bordeaux.
Jessica spotted a shark around the boat, it created some excitement beside the stormy condition. The disturbed sea was tossing us around and the number of bruises become a common conversational subject. Non of us slept that night.


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