Nobody slept last night. We got squalls after each after, the wind was gusting up to 35kn. the sea was disturbed, waives were coming from every direction. What a terrible ride. I finished my night watch at 0300 went down below to my forward berth to catch up with my sleep, in the constantly pitching boat with the bow up and down. I was spending more time in the air than in my bed. I felt like the sea is tourchering me by waking me up in every minutes.
The mood was low on the following day so as our energy level and our hygiene. I couldn’t wait to take a shower my face was glowing from the salty mist and my tired body was craving for rejuvenation.

Without any sign, both of the water pump decided to retire. Great, it hit the shelf life only 3 years old, bravo now what. No showers, or clean up the dishes mind you we have foot pump for the sink.

The girls managed to make a delicious pork stew in the pressure cooker that made our day. Well…tomorrow is an other day.


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