Considered a modern engineering wonder, the construction of the Panama Canal entailed the development of cutting edge technologies that still marvel after almost 100 Years. One of them is the system used fill or empty the locks throughout the force of gravity. The waterway uses a system of three locks complexes, each one with two lanes, which operate as water elevators that raise ships from sea level to the level of Gatun lake 26 maters above sea level. After crossing the Continental Divide, ships are lowered back to sea level, on the opposite side of the Ishmus. When arriving from the Pacific, Vessels enter Miraflores Locks. The vessels are lifted approximately 16 meters. Than, vessels transit throughout the small Miraflores Lake to reach Pedro Miguel Locks where, in an additional step they are raised up to 26 meters above sea level. An the Atlantic side, all this operation takes place in the three steps of Gatun Looks. Covering an area of 425 square kilometres, Gatun Lake was up the 1940s the largest man-made lake. Culebra Cut is the narrowest stretch in the Canal and it’s 12.7 km represent the fifth part of the waterway’s total length. This section was carved the rock and shale of Isthums’s Continental Divide. Up to 63 pyramids similar to that Egypt could have been erected with the material that was excavated during its construction There are a total of 84 miter gates and 8 vehicular bridges gates in the Panama Canal. The original mechanic system to open and close the gates are designed by electromechanical engineer Edward Schilhauer back in 1904. Basically was a set of gears operated by a 40 HP electrical motor. As part of the locks modernization program, in 1988 the Panama Canal began its replacement with a hydraulic system. The conversation was completed in 2007 On October 10, 1913 US President Woodrow Wilson blew up the Gamboa dike. The signal was sent by telegraph from Washington, D.C.. The waters of Gatun Lake flooded Culebra Cut and from that day on, they were one. Ahoy

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