What a great way to start the day than having a bowl of cereal with fresh papaya, mango and  melons from the farmers market in Panama. The real taste of fruit never seen refrigerators, pesticides or any other chemicals.
We could not wish better sailing condition than in the last 24 hours calm sea with long swells 10-12 knots of SWS wind with all the three sails out.
We have to be careful with the sun even though We’re using sps 45. The sun blisters are starting appearing on part of my foot or I might just missed it with the sunscreen.
We found a squid on the deck, probably Booby the sea bird dropped it off for us a thank for a night ride as she took off. I hope she comes back again
Right after our delicious sushi dinner and a bottle of nice Argentinian red wine the wind suddenly died down. I have a feeling this is it… we’re entering into the “horse latitude” zone.

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