May 19, 2015.       NUKU HIVA ISLAND
Nuku Hiva is 25nm north from Ua Pou. This is the principal island of the Marquesas. It is a spectacular island with the highest peak of 3,888 feet called Takao. With many beautiful waterfalls on the norther coast.
Taiohae bay is the principal bay and the administrative capital of the Marquesas. It lies in the open remains of  volcanic crater with caldera walls behind the town. Also, it is a Port of Entry and a spectacular bay to arrive, specially from a long crossing. 
When we arrived, we counted 69 sailboats anchoring in the bay. One of them was the biggest single mast sailboat in the world the “M5″  (ex Mirabela “V”) 256 feet long. Some of boat just arrived from the continent and some of them waiting for the weather to continue the journey towards Tahiti via the Toamutus. 
This small town offers all what most of the  sailers need, after a long crossing. Evan a free Wifi for our Internet hungry society. I could not wait either to FaceTime with my family. It was such a joy seeing them after a long time. 
Next day, we all decided to go on our own way to learn more about this postcard picture town. My first visit was the “Notre Dame of Marquesas Islands” located in the middle of the bay. Only a short walk from the beach through the well mature mango trees and tropical flower bushes. Tween peaked tower gate lead you in to the interior square where the old wooden roof church found with beautiful carvings inside outside. Opposite side of the church an open building with impressive carvings provides shade for the locals before ceremony. The grave of Herve Marie Le Cleac’h is facing towards the entrance of the far end of the. Really peaceful setting. Nice to see the well dressed locals gathering in the square. 
As I mentioned earlier that most of the time Ua Pou’s peak is covered by cloud, that day the entire island was clearly visible from the bay what a memorable site.

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