The day had started slowly today just like every morning, by the time every one got up the sun was already up high. I’m not a good sleeper on the boat. Usually, I finish my night watch at 0300 and after writing the coordinates and activities in the log book and by the time I’m ready to sleep it is close to 0330.
My forward berth is really comfortable it has almost a size of a queen size bed but of course with the different shape like “V” shape. Ample of closets and drawers on both side with a private entrance to the “Jack&Jill” head which size is a bit challenging for a 6 foot and 225 pounds of guy like me especially on the high sea. Great space management. However the shower configuration is user friendly beside the fact that it is only 2’X2′ so the best thing one can do, just have a quick rinse and get out. Great way to save on the water, even though we have a high out put water maker on the board.

The forward berth’s hatch is covered by a costume made Sunbrella cover to keep the air cool beneath, but it doesn’t keep the bright morning sun away, it feels like some one would turn on the light switch early morning. Nice way to wake up.


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