Nursing my second cup of “Panama Joe” hoping that it brings some life back to me. The sun is so bright this morning that the shaded seats have price tag on it.
Daydreaming about catching a Marlin today. It seams unrealistic even though they live in the ocean and this is the largest home for them. Somehow this thought stayed with me the rest of the day. The fishing lines were out as every day, hoping for an easy dinner solution.

Lunch followed the breakfast, time fly, and the deep, long swells, gently swells were rolling all day long, we were surfing up and down on the waves. What an ideally condition.
The run of the hand line interrupted our silent enjoyment, Tony jumped after and grabbed it in the last minutes with a big smile on his face ” this is a big one” he said and started pooling it back. He was getting a bit confused “no she is gone she took the line again” confirmed it.

Lately we got accustomed to the idea that with this boat speed catching a big fish might not be realistic. Meanwhile Jessica grabbed the helm headed up wind, slowed the boat down to 4kn.
I started hand reeling the line back where I felt an other tug, “hoops its is not over yet” I shouted to Tony ” we’re back to business” and in the same time the fish appeared on the top of the waves. It looked like a small Marlin. I must be daydreaming again, it can not be true. As we pooled the fish to the stern where Tony gaffed her up to the deck. It turned out that she is a “Longbill Spearfish” from the Marlin family. About 6 feet long and 90 lbs heavy,, what a way to finish the day.


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