We left San Cristobal Island on April 20 at 1630 and now we can not wait to spot the towering peek of Fatu Hiva. It’s been 16 days on the sea watching the horizon, the sunrises and sunsets. Sound boring but every day was a new, excited day. We budgeted minimum of 25 days for that leg, according to most of the Blogs on the net.
Fortunately all worked out well between Bob the NZ weather router’s recommendation and his update, compared to the GRIB file what we had been downloaded from the net through Iridium satellite phone time to time. For the combination of both and Tony’s constant keeping close aye on the chart and instrument made this time a reality.
Please click page “waypoints” to see the waypoint and the route.

However on the fishing department the luck had chosen the fishes at this time. The number of fish what we lost on this leg had out numbered what we caught. We lost 12 and caught 4 plus 1 fish head the rest of it’s body was stolen by a shark, poor Jessica, it would have been her trophy. I think the size of the fish are to big for our equipment and ability to keep them.

At 1330 ( UTC-9.5 Marquesas time) Margaret’s voice broke the quietness “Land Ahoy!”
18.5 nautical mile ahead of us the contour of the island appeared out of the light cloud.
What a happy moment! After traveling 3132nm from the Galápagos Island and we were dead on the target.

“LAND AHOY!” At 1330 (UTC-9.5) The contour of Fatu Hiva the most souther island of Marquesas appeared, after sailing 4100nm from Panama.

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