June 7, 2015.  Heading to Moorea
We had seen everything on the North part of atoll and after the eventful Saturday evening we decided to pick up the anchor and set sail. We had to time the slack tide to avoid the strong current at the North entrance and at 1500hr we set the course to Moorea which is the 5th. island of Fakarava’s biosphere reserve, located west of Tahiti and part of the Society Island groups.
As soon as we hoisted the sails and the boat got into the soft motion the famous Rod Stewart’s song “Sailing” sounded from the speakers. This is our tradition, anytime we start our crossing under sail power. The sea was calm and the South Eastern light breeze on our beam carried us into the night. I felt like sailing on the lake in Europe in my early age of sailing. The waves were in our stern all night long, that was the most pleasant sailing since we left Panama.
The wind picked up in the following day gusted to 30knt but the waves remained gentle and the boat was racing to her maximum speed. Incredible sailing experience. We enjoyed it for a while but we had to slow her down because timing our arrival to Moorea was important. Where the island is surrounded by coral reefs and arriving in the evening or middle of the night is not an option. It was painful sailing in this condition with 6knt of speed, but this is the speed needed to arrive to our destination just before the sunrise.

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