Today is the birthday of my son, thinking of him. Same day last year we played golf in P.A. Golf course in State Washington, U.S. it was a fun day. He loves sailing as well, I wish he were here with us on this crossing, he started his first job, so his holiday time is limited, I hope on the next crossing he will taste the salty air on his face at helm.
ThIs is what we got in the first part of the day lots of salty spray, followed by heavy rain and stormy conditions. The sea was angry and
the gentle giant swells turned into towering mountains. The wind shifted and the gusts were unpredictable, our previous lazy ride seamed to be over. The weather called for action. I had to disengage the auto pilot to take the helm into hand . There was some point that the heavy rain reduced the visibility to zero, the only reliable aid for steering was the compass because even the windex was confused. After when the storm passed the reliefs appeared on all of us face.
Just for a note we were praying for the rain earlier because of the boat was covered by sea salt from bow to stern. We needed a good wash down.


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