May 21, 2015       HAKATEA BAY
Hakatea bay is 5nm west from Taiohea. That was a short motoring in the morning. Spectacular steep mountain towering up to the sky on the west side of the bay. The easter cove has a  yellow sandy beach, interestingly the western cove has a long shallow beach coved by black sand. According to Charle’s Charts of Polynesia, in the middle of the valley the 3rd highest waterfall in the word cascading from 2,000 feet plateau.
By the time we dropped anchor it was 11am. Hiking up to the waterfall takes about 2.5hr. there and the same time back. Because of the time and the heat everybody decided to do the hike in the following morning, except me. I had “ants in pants” I packed a light lunch and got dropped off at the west beach. Right after I started my hike a nice Marquesasan family invited to their little house, offered me fruit to take with me to my hike. I still feel sorry that I did not take a picture of them, the husband’s body was covers by traditional Marquesas  tatue. I’m not a big fan of tatue but it looked very impressive.
My walk started through the old village, full of flower and fruit trees, followed by coconut palms and up the slope through the valley, across the river and into the South Pacific rainforest. Crossed several creeks, river in the heat and humidity under the dense forest on the narrow slippery and muddy trail. “What a joy” I kept telling to myself “I hope it worth it”. An hour later, I arrived to the first look out. It was breath taking. 200meter drop below me where a wild river running through the unusually tall coconut palms and above me the majestic peaks reaching to the sky, right beside each other. In the distant the narrow cascaded waterfall sighted. About and hours later, I was swimming under to the fall in the big deep cave. I had it all for myself not a soul around me. Would I do this hike again? In a heat beat!
Next day Jessica and Jason completed the same hike but in the heavy rainy condition and they returned to the boat with a bag full of fruit, received it from the locals form this tiny old village.

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