Our journey down to Panama was successful, yet slightly stressful. On arrival in to Los Angeles, while waiting to board our next flight to San Salvador, (followed by our last flight to Panama), the issues began. Both our names were called over the PA system to speak with the agents. A requirement to fly in to Panama is to have proof of exit from the country. Luckily I had a return ticket from Papeete, but Jessica did not. The only way they would let us board the flight was if Jessica bought a ticket. And so, a quick purchase was made and the agents accepted our tickets. Thank goodness for technology and IPhones. The next leg of our journey continued with Avianca Airlines. We received meals and alcoholic beverages on both of our remaining flights, along with a great selection of movies. Air Canada on the other hand, provided us with nothing. No movies, no smiles no food! Upon our arrival in Panama City, Panama, we were surprised with greater drama when Jessica’s bag did not appear. We waited, and waited, and waited hoping it would show up. When we finally gave up and looked for help, no one was to be found. There wasn’t one representative from Avainca and we waited over 1.5 hours before finding someone that could help. And so, we left the airport with our hired taxi driver Edwin to take us to La Playita Marina. Today, on Good Friday, after waiting for two days and spending countless hours on the phone with both airlines Jessica’s bag arrived! Certainly cause for celebration, with so many important goods packed for our journey. Now we can focus on the trip ahead and the provisioning of Joalea, which will begin tomorrow.

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