Felice Cinco de Mayo

Since, we all spent several years in Playa del Carmen Mexico, taking a break from sailing,
“Hoy” (today) calls for celebration! Because today is the Independents day of Mexico.
We caught a 20 pounds of “Atun” yesterday, just before the sun went down so our dinner menu is set for tonight.
Tuna sashimi as an appetizer with a nicely chilled chardonnay, followed by pan fried tuna steaks with fresh salad (still from Panama kept well) and a bottle of full body Cabernet Sauvignon to finish it up.

We enjoyed the dinner so much, it was done to perfection, with a kick of Cabernet we started reminiscing about pass, followed by old stories and lots of lough. What a great evening.
Jessica shared her delicious Easter chocolate with us, even thou Eastern was long gone it tasted just as good as Easter Bunny had brought it to us last night.
The sunset was spectacular that night, the sun painted the edge of the grey clouds orange, as she sunk below the horizon we were covered by a blanket of darkness, waiting for the moon turn the light on again.

Only 171 nautical miles to to go to Fatu Hiva the most souther islands of Marquesas. We sailed close to 4000nm from Panama and could not wait to set feet on land again.


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