My feeling from last night was right.
We were motoring all night long and the condition hasn’t ┬áchange to much, even got worse.
Not a drop of wind. The surface of the ocean transferred into a giant slowly moving mirror with the long rolling swells and 2 knots of current bellow, traveling Northwest.
The fishing lines are out hoping to catch a Mahi-Mahi for our first night dinner in the Galápagos Islands.
So far we caught only one yellow fin tuna in the last 5 days not a good average.
We’re motoring into the dark and slowly approaching the Equator we’re all in a happy mood.
Jessica using her “star tracker” to find the constellations and entertaining us with the history of old timers navigation by the stars.
As we crossed the Equator at 2200 Tony cracked a bottle of champagne while we took some picture of the navigation screen showing 00 000′.000
What a moment one second in the Northern Hemisphere next one in the Southern Hemisphere. Cheers to it.

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