Early in the morning we received an email from our friend Darryl  who is a single handed sailer, left Panama 2 days earlier than us and sailed the same course. Both of us hired Bob the weather router from New Zealand.
Darryl was about 48 hours ahead of us when his alternator quit and having some engine problems so he have to go back to Panama to repair it and in the mean time he informed us that there is no wind over there. Poor guy no wind no engine, he just have to wait for the weather.
We decide to alter our course to find some breeze. We downloaded the grid file from our SSB and based on that we took a bearing of …. Which turned out a great idea.
We had a pleasant sailing averaging 8.5Kn with wind of 15Kn on SE…on the calm sea.
Even though we have great supply of “happy hour” on board we agreed on we can have only one with the new name called “Sundowner”.
As soon we finished our lasagna dinner and the jibe, we run out of wind as well.
The Pacific is flat tonight and it feels like we are motoring on the lake toward our waypoint.

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