May 23, 2015.      CONTROLEUR  BAY
We left Hakatea bay after breakfast to visit one more bay before we say good by to the Marquesas Islands. Controleur bay was on the list. After anchoring the boat we decided to take a visit to the archeological site and the tikis in the valley. 
Sometimes we use “Charle’s Charts of Polynesia” as a reference. According to this book there is an easy landing at the dock. Anytime we go to shore Margaret places her professional camera  in a watertight bag. At this time she neglected her good habit, based on the easy landing note in the book. As we approached the shore, the dock was washed away and the only option to land on was the sandy beach. Heavy surf were pounding the shore so it needed a bit of precision, usually we never have any problem with that, but it was just an unusual circumstances. Suddenly a big wave flipped the dingy over and all of us ended up under water. Margaret got rescued first, since she does not feel to comfortable under water, this feeling reflected on her face right away. Fortunately nobody got hurt, this incident goes down in memory lane, so as her submerged fancy camera, it was not protected in the back pack. Later on by following the right procedure the camera got cleaned and survived.
The small village had an archeological site with ceremonial platform made from huge basalt block which was used to used by priest for burials, worship and human sacrifice.
Day 2.
The weather prediction was right for this weekend. It rained a lot, we were working on the boat getting her ready for the next leg. Since the Marquesas Islands compare to the rest of Polynesian islands have limited turquoise water and white sandy beach, we were craving for change of scenery. Setting sail was planed just before sunset.

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