We left San Cristobal Island on April 20 at 1630 and now we can not wait to spot the towering peek of Fatu Hiva. It’s been 16 days on the sea watching the horizon, the sunrises and sunsets. Sound boring but every day was a new, excited day. We budgeted minimum of 25 days for […]

Felice Cinco de Mayo

Since, we all spent several years in Playa del Carmen Mexico, taking a break from sailing, “Hoy” (today) calls for celebration! Because today is the Independents day of Mexico. We caught a 20 pounds of “Atun” yesterday, just before the sun went down so our dinner menu is set for tonight. Tuna sashimi as an […]

Marquesas Islands Ahead

Today is Sunday Margaret forgot to make Sunday breakfast, well everyday seams to be a Sunday on the boat, the calendar lost its meanings on the passage, only the remaining mileages ahead of us counts. We have 640 nautical miles ahead of us to reach the Marquesas Islands. Apparently they are spectacular, those are high […]


Today is the birthday of my son, thinking of him. Same day last year we played golf in P.A. Golf course in State Washington, U.S. it was a fun day. He loves sailing as well, I wish he were here with us on this crossing, he started his first job, so his holiday time is […]


At 0230 we reached the 2nd. 1000nm mark since we left the Gal├ípagos Islands averaging 200nm a day. If we can keep up with the speed 5-6 days latter we take a site of the first Island of Marquesas. The weather up date came early in the morning from Bob our weather router from New […]


Nursing my second cup of “Panama Joe” hoping that it brings some life back to me. The sun is so bright this morning that the shaded seats have price tag on it. Daydreaming about catching a Marlin today. It seams unrealistic even though they live in the ocean and this is the largest home for […]