May 21, 2015       HAKATEA BAY Hakatea bay is 5nm west from Taiohea. That was a short motoring in the morning. Spectacular steep mountain towering up to the sky on the west side of the bay. The easter cove has a  yellow sandy beach, interestingly the western cove has a long shallow beach […]


May 19, 2015.       NUKU HIVA ISLAND Nuku Hiva is 25nm north from Ua Pou. This is the principal island of the Marquesas. It is a spectacular island with the highest peak of 3,888 feet called Takao. With many beautiful waterfalls on the norther coast. Taiohae bay is the principal bay and the […]


May 18, 2015.         UA POU ISLAND We left Hanaiapa bay, Hiva Oa at 0330. We supposed to have 12/17kn NE wind but we got light wind instead, it was not even enough to hoist the main to balance the boat. The batteries needed to be charged up to 100% in order […]

Hanaiapa Bay, Hiva Oa

It was raining all night long and in the morning when we left Hapatoni bay, Tahuata. Half a mile away the sun was shining again while we were motoring toward to the north side of Hiva Oa. After a rough ride early afternoon finally we dropped anchor and had lunch. Hanaiapa is a small village […]


Day1-2 Tahuata island is about 20nm south of Hiva Oa. Easy sailing across the 2.5nm width of Canal du Bordelais the wind and sea usually more intense between the high islands but we had a comfortable sailing all the way to the Hanmoenoa bay. Not to many white sandy bay with turquoise water can be […]


As we approached Fatu Hiva yesterday afternoon we were surrounded by a pod of happy dolphins and theirs entertainment lasted until we had the island on our beam. It was time to reel the fishing line in. As I stepped to the reel all of a sudden the line started running. What a last minutes […]