June 9, 2015.           Moorea In the middle of the night, the light of Tahiti appeared on the horizon, from a far distance It looked weird, how can we see the island from 40 nautical miles? We were tired being up all day and nights, sleeping only couple hours here and […]


June 7, 2015.  Heading to Moorea We had seen everything on the North part of atoll and after the eventful Saturday evening we decided to pick up the anchor and set sail. We had to time the slack tide to avoid the strong current at the North entrance and at 1500hr we set the course […]


Jun 2, 2014            FAKARAVA, TUAMOTUS We were hoping to catch the tail of the yesterday’s strong wind to fill up the sails all the way to Fakarava. We woke up to light wind, which means motoring again.  Fakarava is the second largest Tuamotus atoll 32nm long and 15nm wide. The […]


May 28, 2015.    KAUEHI ATOLL, TUAMOTUS     The timing was right we arrived at 0800 to Arikitamiro pass at Kauehi atoll. This small atoll is in the heart of Fakarava’s Unesco classified biosphere reserve, in the NW part of Tuamotus archipelago. 15nm (24km) long and 11nm (18km) wide. Water level coral ring formed […]


May 25, 2015.          “SO LONG” MARQUESAS Due to the weather we had to postpone the original plan. At least we all had a good sleep which is useful before a long passage. The weather looked promising until we got out of the bay. Squalls after squalls packed with 35knt wind. Start […]


May 23, 2015.      CONTROLEUR  BAY We left Hakatea bay after breakfast to visit one more bay before we say good by to the Marquesas Islands. Controleur bay was on the list. After anchoring the boat we decided to take a visit to the archeological site and the tikis in the valley.  Sometimes we […]