Current time 1100 We are doing some last minute errands before we leave the marina we’re in the good mood everyone is relaxed and the boat is commissioned for the long voyage, filled up with food, fruit, and not the forget the other essentials for the boys, since the girls have been giving us a hard time for the wine, beer and my vodka supply for the tonic. Which apparently takes lots of room away from more food…
Our ETD is 1200 from LaPlayitta Marina to motor over to Flamenco Marina’s gas station ┬áto fill up our 3 empty fuel ┬átank which takes about 250 gallon. Our appointment was at 1400.
By the time we get there we were told to wait outside of the Marine for 30 minutes which turned out to be almost 2 hour. We were not to happy about, but at least we had a fantastic view of Panama City.
In my opinion Panama City looks spectacular from the bay, but when you’re in town you quickly realize that the city planning has a long way to go.
Finally we fuelled up the boat, fenders and lines are in place. Course, waypoints are set and we’re underway. Last peak of the City with a group picture from the cockpit and good bye.
We sailed into the dark with a constant NWN 25Kn with 8.5kn-9.5kn speed our heading…..
The sky filled up with stars, and white capes on the horizon, but the sea still look friendly on the first night.

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