The fat orange sun from the big blue sky is ¬†radiating the scorching heat to the calm Pacific Ocean, it reminds me of the ¬†Adriatic Sea with it’s ink blue colour and calmness.
Never a better time to fly the spinnaker than this wonderful morning. Even we’ve postponed the breakfast because of we couldn’t wait to see the big Portuguese rooster on the middle of white giant spinnaker. As soon as we finished with the ¬†hoist the boat has started racing towards the next waypoint. It is always a treat sailing under spinnaker, especially today when an unexpected visitor appeared from nowhere and started flirting with the rooster. What a love affair. We figured, it will last only for few minutes but this lovely sea bird Booby made herself comfortable on the bow pulpit close to the rooster on spinnaker.
What a character, we tried everything to hush her away but she just did not care.
Late afternoon the wind direction changed and we were on reach still averaging 7 knots with 10 knots of wind all night long with Booby on the bow pulpit.

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