At 0230 we reached the 2nd. 1000nm mark since we left the Galápagos Islands averaging 200nm a day. If we can keep up with the speed 5-6 days latter we take a site of the first Island of Marquesas.

The weather up date came early in the morning from Bob our weather router from New Zealand. This is the third time he updated us about the weather changes. So far he was right on the buck. Also. we compare his recommendation to our own weather system as well. The wind force and direction have been changing close to Marquesas Island in the next couple days, so the best strategy is to sail on the same latitude 6• 25′ as far as we can and head south when we get the easterly wind and at this time we are close to the islands.
A good weather router can save you time and energy, to pin point the best possible waypoints to the destination. Also, with the right routing one can expand the life of sails and rigging to eliminate the unwanted chaffing and the stress on the standing rigs.

Unfortunately, lots of sailers who left Panama week earlier than us and decided to sail further south to catch the current had struggled with light wind condition. We heard lots of stories latter on in the Marquesas Island.


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