We caught a good size of tuna early morning and an another one but the last one was lucky enough to get lose and quickly escaped.
The day has started with a nice 15 kn wind we were running “wing on wing” but the wind tapered down soon and suddenly we felt the scorching heat and it has lasted all day.  We changed the sail setting and the route but not to much luck. However we were still moving with 5-6 kn. Better than motoring.  The sun was burning us so badly evan the factor 45 suncream didn’t provide enough protection. It was time for long sleeve T-shirt and long pants. The ocean changed her colour. She turned deep blue reminded me of Caribbean Sea.
Down below the temperature was rising rapidly and turn into a steam room . Big thumbs up for the girls they made us a nice tuna dinner with fresh salad and steamed tarrot rote.

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