Big blue sky and calm sea this morning. We were enjoying our morning coffee of “Panama Joe organic coffee” from Panama of course. The breakfast hasn’t hit the table yet, but thinking of dinner ideas.
It is about time to catch some fish again . Just like on every leg of the crossing we all have a quota on the wish list. On this one Tony predicted 10, Margaret 9, Jessica 8, and I ended up with 7 fish on the catch list. The fly fish doesn’t count on the deck, we got so many of them every morning.

We let two fishing line out ( rated up 160 pound each) early afternoon. We didn’t have to wait to long to hear the familiar tune of the reel, which always makes the best excitement. The lines were running with such high speed that burned lines into my gloves The break on the reel was on the max and we were down to the last 100 feet of line when suddenly the big “Oh No” sounded. Same happened with the other line in almost at the same time. They were gone! With the fancy lures, lines, everything. What a disaster.
Tony noted that they were Dorados traveling in pairs but they were Strong and Big that able to snap such a strong line.
We learned later on that most of the sailer had a same experience.

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