About The Trip

About The Trip

I'm joining my friends Tony & Margaret, owners of the graceful sailboat "Joalea" to be be part of the crew for the next sailing adventure:  Crossing the Pacific Ocean from Panama starting in April, 2015

I was lucky enough to sail the Caribbean Sea with them for many years, visiting all the beautiful islands from Spanish, US, British Virgin islands to the Lesser Antilles. (Which are a long arc of small islands in the Caribbean Sea extending in a north-south direction from the Virgin Islands to Trinidad and then in an east-west direction from Margarita to Aruba off the northern coast of Venezuela).

"Joalea" just crossed the Panama Canal in late February, 2015 from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Now awaiting her crew to sail further to the French Polynesian Islands,  "The Jewel of World"

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON May 2, 2015

    Today is the birthday of my son, thinking of him. Same day last year we played golf in P.A. Golf course in State Washington, U.S. it was a fun day. He loves sailing as well, I wish he were here with us on this crossing, he started his first job, so his holiday time is limited, I hope on the next crossing he will taste the salty air on his face at helm.
    ThIs is what we got in the first part of the day lots of salty spray, followed by heavy rain and stormy conditions. The sea was angry and
    the gentle giant swells turned into towering mountains. The wind shifted and the gusts were unpredictable, our previous lazy ride seamed to be over. The weather called for action. I had to disengage the auto pilot to take the helm into hand . There was some point that the heavy rain reduced the visibility to zero, the only reliable aid for steering was the compass because even the windex was confused. After when the storm passed the reliefs appeared on all of us face.
    Just for a note we were praying for the rain earlier because of the boat was covered by sea salt from bow to stern. We needed a good wash down.



    At 0230 we reached the 2nd. 1000nm mark since we left the Galápagos Islands averaging 200nm a day. If we can keep up with the speed 5-6 days latter we take a site of the first Island of Marquesas.

    The weather up date came early in the morning from Bob our weather router from New Zealand. This is the third time he updated us about the weather changes. So far he was right on the buck. Also. we compare his recommendation to our own weather system as well. The wind force and direction have been changing close to Marquesas Island in the next couple days, so the best strategy is to sail on the same latitude 6• 25′ as far as we can and head south when we get the easterly wind and at this time we are close to the islands.
    A good weather router can save you time and energy, to pin point the best possible waypoints to the destination. Also, with the right routing one can expand the life of sails and rigging to eliminate the unwanted chaffing and the stress on the standing rigs.

    Unfortunately, lots of sailers who left Panama week earlier than us and decided to sail further south to catch the current had struggled with light wind condition. We heard lots of stories latter on in the Marquesas Island.


  • MARLIN April 30, 2015

    Nursing my second cup of “Panama Joe” hoping that it brings some life back to me. The sun is so bright this morning that the shaded seats have price tag on it.
    Daydreaming about catching a Marlin today. It seams unrealistic even though they live in the ocean and this is the largest home for them. Somehow this thought stayed with me the rest of the day. The fishing lines were out as every day, hoping for an easy dinner solution.

    Lunch followed the breakfast, time fly, and the deep, long swells, gently swells were rolling all day long, we were surfing up and down on the waves. What an ideally condition.
    The run of the hand line interrupted our silent enjoyment, Tony jumped after and grabbed it in the last minutes with a big smile on his face ” this is a big one” he said and started pooling it back. He was getting a bit confused “no she is gone she took the line again” confirmed it.

    Lately we got accustomed to the idea that with this boat speed catching a big fish might not be realistic. Meanwhile Jessica grabbed the helm headed up wind, slowed the boat down to 4kn.
    I started hand reeling the line back where I felt an other tug, “hoops its is not over yet” I shouted to Tony ” we’re back to business” and in the same time the fish appeared on the top of the waves. It looked like a small Marlin. I must be daydreaming again, it can not be true. As we pooled the fish to the stern where Tony gaffed her up to the deck. It turned out that she is a “Longbill Spearfish” from the Marlin family. About 6 feet long and 90 lbs heavy,, what a way to finish the day.


  • MORNING ON THE BOAT April 29, 2015

    The day had started slowly today just like every morning, by the time every one got up the sun was already up high. I’m not a good sleeper on the boat. Usually, I finish my night watch at 0300 and after writing the coordinates and activities in the log book and by the time I’m ready to sleep it is close to 0330.
    My forward berth is really comfortable it has almost a size of a queen size bed but of course with the different shape like “V” shape. Ample of closets and drawers on both side with a private entrance to the “Jack&Jill” head which size is a bit challenging for a 6 foot and 225 pounds of guy like me especially on the high sea. Great space management. However the shower configuration is user friendly beside the fact that it is only 2’X2′ so the best thing one can do, just have a quick rinse and get out. Great way to save on the water, even though we have a high out put water maker on the board.

    The forward berth’s hatch is covered by a costume made Sunbrella cover to keep the air cool beneath, but it doesn’t keep the bright morning sun away, it feels like some one would turn on the light switch early morning. Nice way to wake up.


  • WEATHER UPDATES April 28, 2015

    We received the weather update from Bob the weather router from New Zealand. There is a big storm passing through just south of us and by Thursday and Friday we are getting the result of it, giant swells. Bob advised us to change the waypoints and our routes to ride on the swells. Sound like a good idea, so we can miss the roller coaster ride in Disneyland this year.
    Finally, it is done! We were working on the water pump all day long down below in the hot and humidity, fortunately the sea was cooperating and we adopted the motion of the boat with couple bumps and bruises. I don’t know what felt better, having the job done, so finally we all can take a shower or an ice cold Panama Lager.
    By late afternoon we reached the half way point between San Cristobal Galápagos Islands and Fatu Hiva Marquesas Island 1510 nautical miles.


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The Sailboat "Joalea"

JoaleaJOALEA is a 2010 Hylas Raised Salon. The highly regarded Hylas 54 designed by German Frers is one of the premier semi-custom quality performance cruising yachts in the world.  
Joalea (2) 003

JOALEA is a 2010 Hylas Raised Salon.

The highly regarded Hylas 54 designed by German Frers is one of the premier semi-custom quality performance cruising yachts in the world.

Hull #59 was the last of the Hylas 54’s built offering a luxurious 3-stateroom interior arrangement featuring contemporary style varnished teak woodwork with custom details, large navigation center and galley, full width master suite aft, two guest cabins forward and spacious salon amidships. The raised main salon provides a bright, airy living area
with settee to port and straight settee to starboard. DSC_0122 DSC_0119 DSC_0097 DSC_0077 DSC_0074 DSC_0696 The exterior very strong Hylas 54′ fiberglass hull is reinforced with Twaron (similar to Kevlar used in bullet proof vests). On deck there is a comfortable cockpit, wide side decks and a raised salon trunk cabin with large fixed windows and multiple deck hatches and stainless opening ports. The transom has wide built-in steps and swim platform with hot and cold shower and drop down swim ladder. Her long list of builder options includes: Fischer Panda 8KW generator and three zone Cruise Air reverse cycle air conditioning, Selden Electrofurl mainmast, Antal electric primary winches and Side power bow thruster. JOALEA is registered in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. How did JOALEA’s name come about with a Portuguese good luck rooster? We were sitting around the dining room table with family members July 1st Canada day and were trying to come up with a good name for our brand new purchase that would be meaningful to the two of us. There were many ideas given of which some names we wouldn’t dare mention. Then we had a very special thought both of our parents had passed away at the same time and are resting in the same special place and we believe they were instrumental in us coming together. Tony’s father’s name JOAO and Margaret’s mother’s name LEONA, thus JOALEA came about.

As the Legend of the Barcelos Cockerel goes…

A pilgrim was leaving Barcelos on his way to Santiago de Compostela when he was accused of stealing silver from the landowner. For his alleged crime, he was sentenced to death by hanging.

He prayed to Our Lady and St James, the patron Saint for Protection, that justice be done. As a final effort to save himself, the prisoner pleaded for a meeting with the judge. The judge was about to tuck into his roast cockerel, when the pilgrim said to the judge that as proof of his innocence, the cockerel would stand up on the plate and crow three times. The judge ignored the pilgrim’s claim and pushed aside his meal. But, as the pilgrim was hanged, the cockerel jumped up and crowed. Realizing his mistake, the judge rushed to the gallows and found that the pilgrim had miraculously survived due to a loose knot. According to the legend, the pilgrim returned many years later to carve the Cruzeiro do Senhor do Galowhich is now housed in the Museu Arqueologico in Barcelos. Of course there are many variations and embellishments to this Portuguese legend, but the Rooster from Barcelos has become one of the national symbols of Portugal and is said to represent faith, justice and good luck.  

"Joalea" Sailing the World